Liked on YouTube: Pink Floyd: Dark Side of The Rainbow – Coincidence or LSD Myth?? (Experimental and Informative)

Today I will be doing a commentary of Dark Side of The Rainbow. If you never heard of it, don’t worry I’ll explain. Back in the day people mostly drug addicts said that Wizard of Oz and Dark Side of The Moon go together. But I am not sure if it is only taking someones word who tripped way too much Acid.
Wizard of Oz Footage Courtesy of MGM
Pink Floyd – Dark Side of The Moon Courtesy of Harvest Records
I dont own these but due to fair use and im making my own production so I don’t have to. All Rights Reserved exists but it no longer has any legal effect in any jurisdiction. Also this was recorded Live and is an experimental video so just enjoy and don’t take it too serious.
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Liked on YouTube: Phase One XT: Seek extraordinary | Phase One

We designed a camera system for photographers whose passion take them far and wide, to distant and spectacular places. The Phase One XT was created to be brought along on long trails and off-road scouting expeditions, just the kind that Reuben Wu likes to venture on. So we gave him an XT Camera System and sent him off to Bolivia, to capture its beauty in a light only he knows how to cast.

More about the project:
The XT Camera System:
Phase One –

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Liked on YouTube: How to Create a Gun-Free America in 5 Easy Steps

Want to create a gun-free America in 5 easy steps?

Here’s all there is to it:

Step 1: Elect. For a gun-free America, the first thing you’ll need is two-thirds of Congress. So elect a minimum of 67 Senators and 290 Representatives who are on your side.

Step 2: Propose. Then, have them vote to propose an amendment to the Constitution which repeals Second Amendment gun rights for all Americans.

Step 3: Ratify. Then convince the legislators of 38 states to ratify that change.

At this point, the Second Amendment is history, but you’ve done nothing to decrease gun violence. All you’ve done is remove the barrier for Congress to act.

Step 4: Legislate. You need to enact “common sense” reform.

You can try to do what Australia did and…ban all guns? That’s not at all what they did, but whatever, fuck it. Go big or go home, right?

It will have to be passed by Congress and signed by the president.

Great! The law is passed and guns are now illegal. The only thing left to do is…

Step 5: Enforce. Guns won’t just disappear because you passed a law. You need to confiscate some 350 million guns scattered among 330 Million Americans.

Sure, you can try a buy-back program like Australia, but like Australia that will still leave behind anywhere from 60 percent to 80 percent of privately owned firearms.

The rest you have to take.

You’ll need the police, the FBI, the ATF or the National Guard—all known for their nuanced approach to potentially dangerous situations—to go door-to-door, through 3.8 million square miles of this country and take guns, by force, from thousands, if not, millions of well-armed individuals. Many of whom would rather start a civil war than acquiesce.

So inevitably gun violence, which is currently at a historic low, will skyrocket.

But that is how you get a gun-free America in five easy steps.

Produced by Austin Bragg.

About 2 minutes.

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Liked on YouTube: BBQ INTERVIEW – AJ Ramirez – AJ’s Custom Cookers – Fort Worth

In this episode I chat with AJ Ramirez from AJ’s Custom Cookers in Fort Worth, Texas. AJ started welding at age 15 and hasn’t stopped since. In this interview we discuss his upbringing, ALL about welding itself(the three types of welding in detail), how he get into the BBQ world, opening his own shop, and growing the business with integrity and above and beyond customer service. He can do ANYTHING when it comes to welding and fabrication. ANYTHING. From fixing a cooker that you may have that doesn’t work the way you want it to creating something completely from scratch. Currently his lead time is 11 months. You’re going to really enjoy this
See all things AJ’s Custom Cookers here:
For anything you need, contact AJ at: 817-714-4495 (call or text)
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Liked on YouTube: Eddie Murphy’s Stand Up Comedy Routine (FULL), First Appearance on Johnny Carson Show

Watch Carson episodes every night on Antenna TV at 10:00PM ET / 7:00PM PT and 4:00PM ET / 1:00AM PT.

Eddie Murphy’s first stand up comedy appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”. More Eddie Murphy on the Tonight Show playlist At the time, Eddie Murphy was in the cast of “Saturday Night Live” in 1982. Eddie’s stand up routine includes jokes about his character Buckwheat, underwear models, his family, the Secret Service, and running to be the first black president. Includes some of the funniest moments on Johnny Carson.

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