DIY Palm Router Hacks

Tool: Bosch Variable-Speed Palm Router

Full build tutorial for Mike’s sliced wood coasters:

Guest: Mike Warren

“It’s a 1-horsepower palm router and it’s having a little bit of a comeback because I’ve made a new attachment for the base. So routers as you know have a bit in the bottom you’re running along to chamfer an edge, or put some sort of detailed profile on whatever you like. But what I use this for mostly is actually planing down woods. One of the things I built for it is a plywood sled that goes on top, and then you can run your router over a piece of stock and actually level the top of it.

I’ve also built an attachment that turns my palm router into kind of a router cable station. I’ve cut a square hole in my workbench that my router perfectly inside. The adapter gets mounted onto the table, and then you’ve got sort of a makeshift router table. What’s cool about this is I didn’t have to invest, or even build a new router table. I’m using my existing workbench and saving a couple hundred dollars. Instead of having both a router table and a router, I’ve just got a palm router and I just modify my tools to get them to work the way I want to.”