Honda CRF250L Rally vs Kawasaki Versys-X 300: The Summer the Coast was Closed | On Two Wheels

Check out this new breed of small ADVs: Affordable, light, and fuel efficient, the Honda CRF250L Rally and Kawasaki Versys-X 300 combine a bunch of great qualities into an appealingly compact package. In this episode of OTW, Zack and Ari detour around a landslide and explore an alternative route up California’s Big Sur coast. The adventure puts both bikes through their paces. Which one is the winner? Watch the video to find out.

Specs for the bikes, in case you’re curious:

Price: $6,199 w/ ABS
Measured weight: 342 lbs.
Measured horsepower: 20.6 hp @ 8600 rpm
Measured torque: 14.7 lb.-ft. @ 6700 rpm
Fuel capacity: 2.7 gal.
Seat height: 35.2 in.
Average MPG: 60
Approximate top speed: 85 mph

Price: $5,699 w/ ABS
Measured weight: 380 lbs.
Measured horsepower: 33.7 @ 11,400 rpm
Measured torque: 16.7 lb.-ft. @ 8800 rpm
Fuel capacity: 4.5 gal.
Seat height: 32.1 in.
Average MPG: 54
Approximate top speed: 95 mph

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