Nestron Cube Two

Nestron Cube Two Tiny House:

When you’re already sacrificing space, you don’t want to also sacrifice good design. Nestron allows homeowners to balance both with their Cube Two Tiny House. The modern prefab comes decked out with curvy built-ins and top-notch appliances that are controlled by an AI assistant named Canny.

C2 is built to accommodate 3-4 members medium-sized households, designed with an open concept and a bigger living room area for more entertainment and fun-time activities with your loved ones. We also designed a special skylight dome for C2, allowing families to share the fun of star-gazing and satisfy children’s curiosity of nature and the universe. Double bedrooms allow space allocation to be properly organized while the open concept increases the usable area by 15%, compared to a traditional house. Hence, if your family needs a two-bedroom living space, C2 is the perfect choice for you.