Atlantic British Presents: Say Good-Bye to the 3 Amigos on a Land Rover by Replacing Shuttle Valve Atlantic British Ltd. Repair & Maintenance Academy How-To Video: A common issue with Discovery Series II, is the shuttle valve failure on the ABS System. The failure is indicated when the warning lights come on for the ABS, Traction Control and Hill Descent, affectionately know as the “Three Amigos.” In this video, learn how to say good-bye to the 3 Amigos: Watch Doug, our Land Rover Master Technician, show you options on how to tackle this common issue. He will remove and replace the Hydraulic Control Assembly (special order part # SRB500570 – formally part # SRB101203) on a 2002 Discovery Series II. Doug also discusses replacement of the ABS Modulator Shuttle Valve Switch (part # SWO500040) in this video. Questions about this video? Call our knowledgeable sale staff at 1-800-533-2210 or contact us via live chat at For more how-to videos on the Discovery Series II and other Rover vehicles visit

ABS Modulator Shuttle Valve Switch (part # SWO500040)
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