Garry Kasparov on Lockdown – Episode 3

In the third episode of “Garry on Lockdown,” Garry dives into the hottest topic of the moment – free speech! He explores whether or not there is a difference between First Amendment rights online versus First Amendment rights in the real world. And is it perfectly legal for businesses to make unsubstantiated medical claims about products that may or may not stop COVID-19? Can social media users post anything they want about the coronavirus, politics, and racism? Is Twitter infringing on free speech rights by adding disclaimers to President Trump’s tweets?

Garry provides some of these answers himself, and for the others, he brings in special guest UCLA law professor (and former Supreme Court clerk) Eugene Volokh, creator of The Volokh Conspiracy blog. Together, Garry and the professor discuss the state of American free speech during this global pandemic, as well as what the major issues affecting it are.

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