Liked on YouTube: My 1989 Hacker Craft 26’Triple Cockpit Runabout

Completely renovated Hacker-Craft 26′ triple cockpit runabout.

• 350 HP 7.4L V8 454 big block
• “Hacker-Craft: America’s fastest speed boats”, as advertised
• Length 26 foot

As the 1920s came to an end, America’s obsession with speed extended to all motorized vehicles: airplanes, automobiles, motorcycles, and speed boats. Records were set and broken, and faster hulls and bigger engines were the order of the day. Hacker-Craft boats were among the most coveted, and the 1930 models were introduced to great fanfare.

Hacker’s ads weren’t short of hyperbole: “Hacker-Craft are hand-built. ‘Skimping’ in materials and workmanship is never practiced in the Hacker shops to achieve lower prices. Price-cutting sins against quality—and quality is a paramount consideration in selecting a boat. You’ll discover that Hacker-Craft are not volume production boats. They are carefully and skillfully built from the finest materials known to the boat builders’ art. From their chromium plated cutwaters to their solid oak strut members, every inch of a Hacker-Craft presents a sturdy picture of integrity and wholesome design. From their copper riveted (not screw fastened) double planked bottoms to their luxuriously comfortable genuine leather upholstering, the Hacker-Craft guarantee, enduring quality and greater owner satisfaction, always applies. A Hacker-Craft is never expensive by comparison.”
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