Cobra CB still has a place in your truck

“The 29 LX MAX syncs your smartphone calls with the CB radio. Incoming audio is routed through the radio’s speaker making it easy for you to hear who is calling with audible caller ID. The system provides one-touch technology for hands-free safety. The Cobra’s iRadar app integration allows the user to receive and report police calls, road hazards, and red light camera intersections from a linked community of users. The 29 LX MAX adds one other patented feature. Called Rewind-Say-Again, the feature provides the driver with the ability to replay the last 10 seconds of signals received over the airwaves and record a 10-second personal memo that can be replayed back at any time. A noise-canceling microphone allows calls to be heard, even over your truck’s engine and other road sounds. Built on Cobra’s popular 29 LTD Classic chassis, the 29 LX MAX features:

•Legal hands-free phone calls and text messaging. You can make and receive phone calls with the CB, and make calls and send text messages using just your voice

•Caller ID with voice and number display announcement of incoming calls

•Selectable, 4-color LCD display in easy-to-read display in green, blue, amber and red