The Catalogs!

Wishbook Web – The Christmas Catalog Archive Project first launched in 2006, with the initial scanning project having started a year earlier in 2005. From the outset, the goal of the WishbookWeb project has been to archive, preserve, and share the wonderful holiday gift catalogs of the past – making them freely-available to anyone with a web browser. Inspired by the pioneering work of websites like Plaidstallions and MegoMuseum, who had already been sharing select pages of vintage catalogs online, our goal was to build upon that idea by sharing entire volumes, every section and every page. As you see it now, WishbookWeb represents the product of hundreds of hours of work to create the current archive.

Over the years of its existence, WishbookWeb has served visitors as a nostalgic respite, a collector’s reference, a place to research the past, a source of school projects (thank-you teachers!), and so much more. Its continued development has always been spurred on and motivated by the visitors to the site.