Liked on YouTube: Pink Floyd: Dark Side of The Rainbow – Coincidence or LSD Myth?? (Experimental and Informative)

Today I will be doing a commentary of Dark Side of The Rainbow. If you never heard of it, don’t worry I’ll explain. Back in the day people mostly drug addicts said that Wizard of Oz and Dark Side of The Moon go together. But I am not sure if it is only taking someones word who tripped way too much Acid.
Wizard of Oz Footage Courtesy of MGM
Pink Floyd – Dark Side of The Moon Courtesy of Harvest Records
I dont own these but due to fair use and im making my own production so I don’t have to. All Rights Reserved exists but it no longer has any legal effect in any jurisdiction. Also this was recorded Live and is an experimental video so just enjoy and don’t take it too serious.
via YouTube

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