Faces and Heels

The History of Pro Wrestling In America

As wrestling entered into the 1930’s one of the biggest innovations that would develop during this time period is the idea of wrestlers being heroes and villains, or as they say in the business, babyfaces (usually shortened just to “faces”) and heels. Now that professional wrestling was 100% work promoters got the idea that they should market their wrestlers in such a way that more emotionally manipulated crowds, which in turn led to bigger attendance and profits. Certain wrestlers would be heroes, or babyfaces, that fans would get behind and support. They wanted to see the faces win. Often times, these hometown favorites were ex-college football players or other sportsmen that already made their name. It more often than not it was the physical attractiveness of a wrestler that decided what kind of character they would play. On the other side of the coin would be the bad guys, or…

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