Ripper ATV Scooter An electric scooter…

Ripper ATV Scooter

An electric scooter designed for urban mobility is great — when you’re in the city. When you’re not, you need something that can handle the terrain, and Ripper ATV has the perfect solution. The Ripper looks like a miniature ATV and packs many of the features that make ATVs so popular. A semi-independent front suspension with coilover springs and adjustable spring perches give surprisingly good handling over nearly any surface, and power comes from a 163cc Honda single-cylinder making 4.3 horsepower. There are cargo racks front and rear, and with an optional seat kit, the Ripper can be ridden sitting down and the T-handle folds flat for transport and storage.

(via Ripper ATV Scooter | Uncrate)